Ginkgo Tofu Skin Dessert | 銀杏腐皮糖水

Ginkgo Tofu Skin Dessert (銀杏腐皮糖水) is one of my favorite Chinese desserts.  I love to make this especially in the dry seasons in Autumn and Winter!

Ingredients | 材料 :
  • Yield: about 16 servings | 約16人份量
150g Ginkgo nuts | 銀杏(白果)
   4 pcs Big Tofu skins (approx. 210g)  | 腐皮
130g Rock sugar | 冰糖
3 slices ginger  | 3片薑
1600ml Water in one big pot for Tofu Skin | 大鍋腐皮
  900ml Water in one small pot for Ginkgo | 小鍋煲銀杏

Steps for Ginkgo | 銀杏做法 :
去殼 去膜 去心 除苦味 :
  1. 銀杏先沖洗,放滾水內輕輕滾起,收火,放在盛載室溫水的容器,去掉薄膜,用刀子打直切2/3,不需完全切開銀杏肉,將它的心拿掉就不會毒了。
  2. 銀杏肉苦苦的,先用4杯熱水(約900ml)煮銀杏肉,起初中大火,15分鐘後改中火,待差不多稔的時候(約45分鐘,顏色會變深色些),加入冰糖(若水份不足以蓋過銀杏肉,要加些熱水),改用小火焗煲5~8分鐘或冰糖全溶掉,關火待10~15分鐘,待銀杏肉吸收糖的甜味,銀杏肉更有口感。之後放進另一鍋已煲好的腐皮湯內拌勻便成。
  1. Crack ginkgo nuts, un-shell, rinse. Put in boiling water until first boil. Take out and put in a bowl of room temperature water. Remove the skin, cut into 2/3 and take out the pith.
  2. In a small corningware, add 4 cups (900ml) of water, let boil over medium-high heat, add a slice of ginger and ginkgo from (1) for 15 minutes. Change to medium heat until ginkgo is nearly soft (around 45 minutes in total). Add rock sugar and change to low heat for about 5~8 minutes or until rock sugar dissolves (add hot water if not enough to cover ginkgo). Off heat, let it stand for 10~15 minutes so ginkgo absorbs the sweet. Add into tofu soup, mix and serve.

Steps for Tofu Soup | 腐皮湯做法 :

  1. 在另一個大的康寧煲,放7杯(1600ml)清水,滾起加入腐皮,2片薑片,中火煲至腐皮溶解(約15〜20分鐘)。 
  1. In another bigger corningware, add approx 7 cups (1600ml) of water, let boil. Add tofu skins, 2 slices of ginger, until tofu skins dissolve (around 15~20 minutes). Turn off the fire. 

*Tips | 心得 :
  • 乾鍋炒至卜卜聲,有一、兩粒開始爆裂即可,用烤箱也一樣,此時可去殼取用。或用鎚子鎚開銀杏殼也可以。
  • 腐皮可以留些"後下"(如1/5份量),那麼甜湯更有層次感。
  • 我喜歡加半熟雞蛋,滑溜溜好味 (^-^)
  • 腐皮乾了後很難清洗,康寧煲先浸溫水再清洗較容易
  • May leave a small portion (say 1/5) of tofu skin and add later to increase dessert complexity.
  • Pearl barley lover may opt to put a handful of barley 15 minutes before putting in the tofu skins in hot boiling water. Make sure the pearl barley is soaked in water at least an hour in advance. 
  • I like to add a half-done egg. Super yummy !
  • I prefer corningware to other utensils as it's easier to clean. Simply immersed corningware in warm water for some time before cleaning !! 

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