Pan-fried Mackerel | 香煎鯖魚

Crispy and delicious! Just 10 minutes to cook. You could be the chef !

Ingredients | 材料 :
  • yield: 2 servings | 2份 
2 pieces mackerel | 鯖魚兩邊片
2 tsp olive oil | 2茶匙橄欖油
2 clove garlics, finely chopped | 2瓣大蒜,切碎
5g salted butter, mixed with chopped garlic | 有鹽牛油,混入切碎蒜泥
little portion of beaten egg mixed with little pepper | 少許蛋液加入小許胡椒粉
pinch of sea salt and dark pepper | 少許海鹽及黑胡椒

Steps | 做法 : 
  1. 鯖魚洗淨,厨房纸吸乾水份,魚身兩邊灑小許粗海鹽,用手輕按海鹽到魚身。
  2. 再用廚房紙輕輕吸乾水份,將魚每邊斜切三份,放入蛋液漿裡,取出放碟子上,灑上薄薄的麵粉 (這步驟煎魚之前才做)。
  3. 鍋子熱油,中大火,放入沾上薄薄麵粉的鯖魚塊,皮朝下,待開始煎得上色後,反轉魚塊煎另一邊。加入小許蒜泥牛油,喜歡辛辣的可以加一只小紅辣(先切開掉去籽)。兩邊煎微微硬身(每邊大概煎2~3分鐘,因應鯖魚大小調整煎魚時間)。上碟。魚皮脆脆的啊 !! 這美吃可以跟麵食,白米飯,啤酒 ...
  1. Wash mackerel, pat dry with paper towel. Sea salt both sides of fish, do little massage on the sea salt so some of it can be attached to its skin.
  2. Pat dry again with the paper towel. Cut fish into 3 portions, immersed in beaten egg with pepper, set on dish, sprinkle a thin layer of plain flour (do this procedure only when you are about to put the fish pieces to the frying pan, else it will not be crispy).
  3. Heat the frying pan, medium high, put in the the fish pieces with a thin layer of flour, fish skin side facing down. When it starts changing brownish, turn to the other side. Add little butter mixed with chopped garlic, (chopped red chili for spicy lover, optional). When both sides turn brownish, it's done.  Pan fry each side takes about 2~3 minutes, adjust according to size of fish. The skin should be crispy!! This is good to go with noodle, rice, beer... !

Tips | 心得 :
  • 鯖魚加了香茅粉也很惹味,可配意大利麵或白飯食用。
  • With lemon grass powder, it tastes just as great.Enjoy it with spaghetti or steamed rice!

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