Sweet Potato Dessert Soup | 蕃薯糖水

Warm and nourishing dessert and helps removing toxins!!

Sweet Potato Dessert Soup DIY recipe 蕃薯糖水 自家食譜

Ingredients | 材料 :
  • Yield: 4 servings | 4人份
8 cups water | 8杯水
515g  Sweet potato, chopped in big pieces | 蕃薯,切大顆
100g  Rock sugar | 冰糖
few slices Ginger | 幾片生薑

(b) Last to add ingredients | 後下材料:
few drops of ginger juice squeezed from minced ginger | 薑汁小許

Steps | 做法 :

  1. 蕃薯,切大顆備用。
  2. 切幾片生薑,備用。
  3. 薑末手榨薑汁,後下(個人喜好, 可以不加)。
  4. 鍋中燒滾8杯水,加入切好的蕃薯,薑片及冰糖,蓋上蓋子大火煲滾之後,轉中高火。蓋上蓋子煲直至蕃薯軟身(約20分鐘)。完成後,加上後下的薑汁 (個人喜好, 可以不加),蓋上蓋子待五分鐘後食用。

  1. Cut the sweet potato into medium cubes, not too small.
  2. Slice few ginger, ready for use.
  3. A small portion of minced ginger for squeezing ginger juice (optional, last to add).
  4. Heat 8 cups of water in a big pot till boil. Fold in sweet potato cubes, ginger slices and rock sugar, boil in high heat. Once it is boiled, turn to medium high until sweet potatoes are soft (takes about 20 minutes). Add extra ginger juice (optional), leave the lid on for 5 minutes so the sweet potatoes are softer.

Note / 心得 :
  • 後下生薑汁令蕃薯甜湯更好味。
  • Ginger juice adds flavor to the dessert soup. This nourishing dessert is most welcomed in dry weather like autumn and winter, or after barbecue!

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