Grated Lotus Root Fish Patties | 生磨蓮藕香魚餅


Grated Lotus Root Fish Patties 生磨蓮藕香魚餅 自家食譜 home cooking recipes

Ingredients | 材料 :
  • Servings: 6 | 6人份 
300g (2 sections medium-sized) fresh lotus root | 新鮮蓮藕 約8兩
300g dace paste | 鯪魚滑 約8兩
8~10 pieces dried shrimps | 蝦米 8~10粒
little chopped scallion, optional | 蔥粒 (可選)

Seasonings | 調味料 :

1 teaspoon salt | 鹽 1茶匙
1 teaspoon raw sugar | 原糖 1茶匙
pinch of pepper powder | 胡椒粉 少許
1.5 tablespoons water chestnut powder, adjustable | 馬蹄粉 1.5湯匙 (自行調整)
few drops dark soy sauce | 老抽 幾滴
few drops sesame oil | 芝麻油 幾滴

Steps | 做法 : 
  1. 蝦米浸水10分鐘後切小粒,炒香備用。
  2. 蓮藕洗淨,去皮磨蓉。
  3. 將炒香蝦米,蓮藕蓉及鯪魚滑放入攪拌碗,加入調味料,順著一個方向混合均勻;(喜歡蔥粒可以加一點)。
  4. 用湯匙取起蓮藕魚滑做成圓形,下油熱煎窩,放入蓮藕魚滑,煎至兩面金黃即可。
  1. Soaked dried shrimp in water for 10 minutes, cut into small pieces. Slightly pan fry until fragrant, set aside for use.
  2. Rinse, peel and grate the lotus root.
  3. Put dried shrimp, lotus root, dace pace in a mixing bowl, add seasonings, chopped scallion (optional), stir with chopsticks in one direction, mix well.
  4. Oil a tablespoon and use it to make round-shaped portions, pan-fry until both sides are golden. Serve hot.

Tips | 心得 : 
  • 蓮藕魚滑時,用鑊鏟接壓容易煎出形狀,熟度平均及出色。
  • Press with a wok spatula when doing the pan fry, this helps even cooking and easy to get golden brown on both sides.

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