Pan-fried Chinese noodle | 中式炒幼蛋麵

Pan-fry a freshly made Chinese noodle home when you want? It's as easy as this!

Pan-fried Chinese noodle 中式炒幼蛋麵 自家食譜 home cooking recipes

Ingredients | 材料 :
  • Yield : 2 portions | 兩份麵食
2 dried Hong Kong style egg noodles | 香港全蛋麵 兩個

Seasonings | 調味 :
1 teaspoon Soy sauce | 豉油 1茶匙
1/2 teaspoon dark soy sauce | 老抽半茶匙
1/8 teaspoon sesame oil | 芝麻油 1/8茶匙
1/2 teaspoon shaoxing wine | 紹興酒 半茶匙
1~2 teaspoons chili paste | 辣椒醬 1~2茶匙
little ground pepper | 胡椒粉少許

Other ingredients (personal preference) | 其他配料 (個人喜歡自由搭配) :
few slices of pumpkin | 南瓜 數片
1 scallion, cut into sections | 蔥1棵 切段
1 red chili, cut into sections | 紅辣椒 1只 切段

Steps | 做法 :
  1. 用鍋燒開水,水位要剛蓋過蛋麵。

  2. 混合調味料放碗內,蔥切段,南瓜切厚片數片,紅辣椒去籽切細備用。

  3. 水燒開,放入蛋麵煮大概2~3分鐘,用筷子鬆開蛋麵,不須全熟,取出沖冷水去除多餘水份備用。

  4. 煎鍋中火,下小許油,放南瓜片煎至兩面金黃(約兩分鐘,用筷子輕按,軟軟的便可以了,蓋上蓋子快熟一些),取出備用。

  5. 煎鍋開大火,下小許油,放入白色蔥段和紅辣椒絲翻炒大概10秒,放入蛋麵,用筷子伴炒約3分鐘,加入調味料,快炒均勻至乾身上碟。

  6. 南瓜片放炒好蛋麵旁邊,可伴巴馬火腿或黃金蝦同吃。

  1. Bring water to boil, water level should cover the the noodles.

  2. Mix all seasonings in a bowl, cut scallions in sections, cut pumpkin in thick slices, red chili seeded and cut into sections for use.

  3. Boil the noodles for about 2~3 minutes, use a pair of chopsticks to spread them. Do not wait until they are fully cooked. Take them out and rinse in cold water, drain for use.

  4. Heat the pan on medium high, put a little oil, pan fry pumpkin's both sides to golden brown, takes about 2 minutes, cover the lid after 1 minute so the pumpkin will not be too dry. Feel with the chopsticks, when they are soft, take out.

  5. Heat the pan over high heat, put in oil, fold in the white part of scallions, red chili for about 10 seconds, Add the noodles and pan fry for about 2 minutes, break them up with a pair of chopsticks so they are not in big lump. Add seasonings and pan-fry until the sauce are absorbed.

  6. Dish with pumpkin on the side, may serve with parma ham or golden shrimp.

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