Crabs with Vermicelli | 螃蟹炒粉絲

My family loves this licking finger dish!
膏蟹炒粉絲 ~ 超級 ichiban! 重要配料有蒜頭,蔥頭,生蔥,薑片,辣豆板醬,魚露,老抽,生抽,胡椒粉... 家人最喜愛的美食!用手吃更有味兒!

Crabs with Vermicelli 螃蟹炒粉絲 自家食譜 home cooking recipes

Ingredients | 材料 :

2 live crabs (最好用膏蟹)
2 tablespoons oil
1 tablespoon wine (xiaoxing wine)
8 slices of thinny cut ginger
5~6 cloves garlic, peeled and cut into big pieces, use a knife blade to press flat
5~6 pieces shallot, peeled and cut into big pieces, use a knife blade to press flat
5~6 small bundles of chinese vermicelli
Spring onion, cut into sections for use (for cooking and garnish)
Parsley, cut into sections for use (for garnish, optional)

Ingredients for Chinese Vermicelli | 粉絲 :

4 teaspoons Chilli Bean sauce (Toban Djan)
1.5 teaspoons dark soy sauce
2 teaspoons soy sauce
2 teaspoons fish sauce
little white pepper
1 red chilli, cut into small pieces (optional)

Steps | 做法 :

  1. Wash the Chinese Vermicelli and soak in water for a few minutes. Put in hot water until soft, take out on a big bowl. Put in ingredients and mix well. Set aside for use.

  2. Clean the crabs and chopped each to 4~6 pieces. Pat dry, sprinkle a thin layer of corn starch. (How to handle live crabs - Steps).

  3. Saute ginger, garlic and shallot in oil, take out and set aside on a dish. 

  4.  Add 2 teaspoons oil and until it's hot, add crab pieces one by one. Tilt and wok and let the crab pieces get heat evenly.  Let it fried for about 5 minutes (turn in between when they start change to slightly golden but do not move them often in order to keep the texture).  Put in (1) the vermicelli prepared in advance on top of the crab pieces, put in (3) spring onion sections and sauted ginger, garlic and shallot, and cover for 2 minutes. Put in shaoxing wine, stir fry and cover for another 2 minutes. Make sure the crab is cooked.

  5. Dish and garnish with parsley and spring onion

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