Green Tea Red Bean Tang Yuan | 綠茶紅豆湯圓

A Chinese traditional tang yuan for Lovers' Day!

Ingredients | 材料 :
  • Servings: 10 (around 36 balls) | 10人份 (大概36粒)
200g  Glutinous rice flour | 糯米粉
160g  Cold water | 冷水
3 teaspoons Green tea powder | 綠茶粉 3茶匙

(B) Red bean Filling | 紅豆餡餡料 (Steps | 做法)

  • 紅豆餡預先分好大概36份,3g粒。
  • Divide red bean paste in 3g portion, total around 36 portions.

Steps | 做法 :

  1. 將糯米粉和綠茶粉拌勻,加入冷水搓揉成麵糰,切出1/10麵糰壓扁按平放滾水煮熟("粿粹"),撈起粿粹瀝乾水份,稍微放涼後加入麵糰同搓勻至不黏手。搓成長條,再依照分好餡料約2倍的大小切出粒粒糯米糰,大概10g粒。雙手搓圓糯米糰,用器具蓋好保濕,糯米糰捏成一個碗狀後,加入事先分好之紅豆餡料,收口捏緊,手心搓揉成圓形。

  2. 煮湯圓:燒開約9碗水,放入薑片,冰糖和1/3片黃片糖煮至溶解,試甜度。轉中大火,放入湯圓煮至浮起,用筷子輕手反轉湯圓再煮大概1~2分鐘,湯圓顏色會變淡色點,熄火。趁熱食用。

  1. Mix glutinous rice flour with green tea powder, add water, mix well and knead to a dough. Cut 1/10 portion, pat flat and put in boiling water until cooked. Drain, when until it is not too hot, mix with the dough, continue kneading until the dough is smooth and not sticky. Roll the dough to a long roll, cut into small pieces, around 10g each, use both palms to shape to balls and cover them. Use both thumbs to press slightly at centre of dough and move it round like a bowl shape so you can stuff the red bean paste ball in. Close the ball and roll round with both palms and the tang yuan are ready!

  2. Cooking tang yuan: bring 9 bowls of water to boiling in a pot, add ginger slices, rock sugar and 1/3 piece of brown slab sugar until dissolved. Add tang yuan until they float to the surface, use chopsticks to slightly turn them around and continue boiling for another 1~2 minutes. Serve hot.

Tips /心得 :
  • 一次可以做多些紅豆餡料,分幾小包放冰格須要時用。
  • 未煮湯圓可放雪櫃,兩天內食用,放冰格可存長些時間。

  • Make a bigger portion red bean paste, separate into small bags and fridge, handy when needed.
  • Remaining not cooked dumplings can be kept in the fridge and consume within 2 days. Put to frozen compartment can keep longer time.

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