Baked cheese potato 芝士焗薯

Baked potato with cheese, ready to eat in 30 minutes!

Ingredients | 材料 :
  • Yield: 6 servings
6 big potatoes (1.2kg) | 大薯仔6個 (兩斤)
6 slices cheddar cheese | Cheddar芝士6片
little salt (optional) | 小許幼鹽 (隨意)
little shredded dark pepper | 小許黑胡椒碎
3 slices parma ham (optional) | 巴馬火腿3片(可選)

Steps | 做法 :

  1. Wash potatoes.
  2. Put potatoes in a large pot or wok with water enough to cover potatoes.
  3. Turn the burner on high and bring water to first boil.
  4. Cook the potatoes in gently boiling water until tender, about 15-20 minutes.
  5. Put boiled potatoes on rack and let cool a bit.
  6. Cut potatoes into halves, sprinkle little salt (optional) and shredded dark pepper, place cheddar cheese on top of potato and put in the oven for about 5-8 minutes until cheese is soft.
  7. Take out, serve, or with shredded parma ham (optional).

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