Chicken Leg in Lemongrass | 香茅雞腿

Tasty and easy to make Thai style boneless chicken leg!

Ingredients | 材料 :
  • Yield: 2 pcs boneless chicken leg | 2件無骨雞腿
2 pieces Boneless Chicken Leg | 無骨雞腿 2件
few slices ginger, optional | 薑片數片(非必要,加了雞腿肉更香)
little corn starch (last to sprinkle on chicken leg before pan-fried) | 煎雞腿肉前,灑上少許生粉

(B) Seasonings | 調味 :
1/2 pack lemongrass marinade (30g) | 香茅醃醬 1/2包 (30g)
1 teaspoon fish sauce | 魚露 1茶匙
1/2 tablespoon water | 水 1/2湯匙
mix above well for use

(C) Seasonings, last to add | 調味後下 :
1 teaspoon lemongrass marinade | 香茅醃醬 1茶匙
1 tablespoon water | 水1湯匙
mix above well for use

Steps | 做法 :

  1. Defrost, rinse and wipe dry chicken leg, cut the thick part of the chicken leg.
  2. Marinade for 2 hours or overnight.
  3. Pat dry both sides with kitchen towel, sprinkle little starch on both sides of chicken leg. Pan fry one side till golden, throw in ginger slices, turn and pan fry the other side until golden. Put in marinade (C) with lid covered to ensure the chicken leg is cooked. Dish and serve.

  1. 雞腿肉洗淨擦乾,厚身位剪開少許。
  2. 調味料拌勻,加入雞腿肉醃2小時,醃一晚更好味。
  3. 用廚房紙略為擦乾雞腿肉,兩面灑上小許生粉。煎至一邊金黃再煎另一面,這時放入薑片,待另一面煎至金黃時,放入後下調味(C)並蓋上鑊蓋焗煎至熟透及收汁,取出食用。

Tips / 心得 :
  • Marinade pack can be bought in Southeast Asian spices shop, grocery or supermarkets.
  • 香茅醃醬包可於東南亞調味料店,雜貨店或超市購買。

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